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5 Recent Breakthroughs in Vaping Technology

Ever since the start of the vaping industry, their product manufacturers and the leadership group have been grinding hard to personalise the vaping experience. Also after the arrival of vaping, more people have shunned smoking not just because it’s unhealthy, but also as they can experience new innovations in vaping.

Today, the vaping industry is completely revolutionised and is way different than it was started. Here in this article, you will see 5 recent innovations which have changed the way people look at e-cigarettes.

So, let us get started,    

  • Enhanced Pod Systems

The days of the big box mod for vaping are already gone. Barring some veteran vapers who are still attached to the strong smoke and power of these boxes, the majority of current vapers have now switched to the pod systems. Instead of the typical 510 thread battery and big cartridges, a pod system offers a sleek, easy to carry vaping device which can be discreetly used anywhere. 

There have been some amazing advancements recently in the pod systems. This includes reduced leakage, no airflow loss and also helping the vapers to fit the device comfortably around the mouth.

  • Mobile Apps to Quit Nicotine Addiction

You might be knowing how vaping is used as a method to quit smoking. Now, the number of smokers who are quitting cigarettes due to vaping are exponentially increasing and are expected to rise even more in the coming days. Turns out, there are also several mobile apps associated with vaping  which are proving highly effective in quitting smoking without the experience of withdrawal symptoms. This is because these apps help the vapers to keep track of their nicotine addiction, and also gradually reduce it to slowly drop the dependency on it.

3) Improvement in Battery Style

Another area around vaping where significant change has happened is the battery. In the initial days, batteries were solid and heavy, and also didn’t hold the charge very well. Today, batteries up to 5000 mAh are available which makes the device last longer. Secondly, batteries today have several safety features which include overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, thermal protection etc.  Above all, there are batteries now which offer you USB charging that allows you to charge the device wherever you go.

4) Bluetooth

This is one of the most important breakthroughs in vaping, which most people didn’t know about. Today, vaping has bluetooth technology that helps the vapers to control their e-cigarettes through their smartphones. Now, one can track their usage, receive notifications and also know when the device needs to be charged or when it’s full. In addition, one can also lock their device and track if it gets lost or stolen.

5) Sub-Ohm Vapes

Sub-Ohm Vaping is a style of vaping where the coil of the device offers a resistance less than 1 ohm. This type of vaping helps in the creation of large clouds and intense vapour, which delivers a strong throat and a great vaping experience overall. Also with sub-ohm devices, users can now choose a wide range of coils with different resistances and materials, and adjust their wattage and temperature to fine-tune their experience. 

All in all, Sub-ohm vaping has transformed the vaping experience of people by providing greater control, personalisation and a sense of enthusiasm as well.

To Sum it Up,

The recent breakthroughs in vaping technologies have had a positive impact on the vaping experience of people. From an increased battery life and improved safety features to new materials and technologies, vapers now have more options than ever before.  As technologies continue to evolve, it will be interesting to see what more breakthroughs and innovations will happen in the near future of the vaping industry.

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