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How can a woman look more attractive?

Cosmetic surgery has changed many people’s lives, but now it’s the customers who prefer different methods to look more attractive. The days when patients visited doctors with their favorite celebrities’ photos are over. Today, they want to be an “improved version of themselves”.

Currently, girls are inclined to get narrow trimmed waists getting their butts standing out whilst at the same time substantially boosting them through hip augmentation procedures. They no longer believe in extensive liposuctions practiced all over their body being they have understood weight control is achieved through proper diets and staying in shape with regular workouts.

Those days when women abandoned themselves and turned to cosmetic surgery as a last resort to achieve radical transformations are now left behind.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in 2014, a buttock surgery was performed every 30 minutes using either the Brazilian Butt Lift technique or through buttock prosthesis placement; however, given the failure these procedures have turned out to be, they are now in sharp decline.

In those years, Kim Kardashian set the pace. Who doesn’t remember in 2014 the cover of Paper magazine showing her ability to hold a glass with her butt while dropping sparkling champagne? Ever since selfies showing their backside (belfie) caught the eye on social networks.

Another category of procedures that are in great demand nowadays are those that refer to keeping the face in optimal conditions since girls are taking care of themselves from an early age and therefore products such as Botox, Hyaluronic acid injections, platelet-rich plasma, tensor threads, skin peelings, are very fashionable because they provide minimally invasive corrections with effective and natural results.

The suspension of the upper lip avoiding surgery and filler injections is being done with great success by means of high strength anchoring fibers.

Facelifts are no longer performed through rhytidectomy surgery; nowadays patients are fond of the minimally invasive approach that relies on the hi-tech strong tensor fibers that are inserted under the skin through very thin cannulae. Results are immediate and very much satisfying. People prefer to have one or two wrinkles rather than being stretched hence looking artificial and revealing surgery evidence.

Over the years, women have put aside major surgeries shifting their focus towards minor corrections. Do you remember those girls who used to pass by showing their big boobs? Well, that is no longer fashionable; now they generally prefer smaller, natural breasts and the accent is put in the lower body, ie bigger and relevant booties.

High Strength Anchoring Fibers are now preferred for breast and buttock lift. Results are more natural, the procedure is minimally invasive being performed under local anesthesia thus significantly reducing recovery time.

Another procedure that for the first time fully satisfies the expectations of those who have flaccid, sagging and weak buttocks, due to radical weight loss, aging or buttock surgeries that left sequelae in the tissues, is the Non-surgical Butt Lift which is generally practiced under the modality called “stacking” which means bringing together two or more compatible procedures to produce the necessary synergy to optimize the relevance of the final result.

In the case of the non-surgical butt lift, stacking is achieved using High Strength Anchoring Fibers in conjunction with Buttocks Bioplasty by PMMA tissue expander which provides density, firmness, volume, and strength to the tissues.

This is a cutting-edge procedure that rehabilitates and optimizes the buttocks in a way that no buttocks surgery has ever achieved before. Surgery is performed by exegesis of the subgluteal fold to remove redundant tissue leaving large scars. With the High Strength Anchoring Fibers together with Bioplasty, there’s no need for this bloody method, leaving patients extremely satisfied.

Coming back to our original question about what modern women should do to look more attractive, the answer is that they should start taking care of their face and body at a young age through a correct diet, exercise routines, skin care, peelings when necessary, avoiding surgical procedures and always orienting themselves to minimally invasive corrections. 

Overweight and extreme slenderness should be avoided; both conditions are very detrimental to the tissues producing flaccidity, drop and weakness.

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