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Unlisted Religare Health Insurance Ltd. Shares: Factors To Consider Before Investing

Care Health Insurance Limited, formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Ltd is one of the top 5 private insurance service providers in India. It was founded in 2012 and gives services in fields like health insurance, accident insurance, travel insurance and corporate insurance. Since then it has provided its services to millions of people. As you might know, Care Health Insurance is not listed on any stock market but you can buy unlisted shares from the grey market. Although the current Religare health insurance unlisted share prices are not high, they have shown signs of growth since last year. This is why investors are hoping to get a good return from Religare Health Insurance unlisted share price. 

Before you invest your hard-earned money in Religare Health Insurance it’s important that you go through the company’s financial performance in previous years and plan for its future. 

Company’s Financials

Religare Health Insurance has seen some good days recently and the company is on its way up. All the little factors like EPS, revenue, net profit, premiums and company net worth, indicate that investing in the company can be beneficial for investors. Its revenue in the 4th quarter of FY23 was ₹99.27 crore and its revenue in Q3 of the same year was ₹56.84 crore. The company’s net worth also increased from ₹1298.20 crores in 2022 to ₹1749.17 crores in 2023.  This means that Religare Health Insurance unlisted share price also increased. So if you’re looking to buy Religare Health Insurance unlisted shares then now might be the best time to do so. But don’t do it through fraudulent apps or brokers, do it through certified and trusted trading platforms like Stockify. 

Company’s Growth Potential

Experts claim that Religare Health Insurance has a lot of potential to grow in the coming years.  Experts came to this conclusion based on not only their financial success in the past year but also the increase in the prices of their unlisted shares. Religare Health Insurance share price was around ₹145 per share in August 2022, after one year it is around ₹165 per share and is only expected to rise a year from now. The reason for the growth of the company in the next few years is that the company is also looking to expand its business with the help of other brokers, banks and digital methods. Despite having rock-solid financials, the company saw a fall in its unlisted share prices in 2022 due to external reasons.  Since then the share prices have bounced back a bit and investors believe that due to its reputation in the market and its financial prowess, the company’s share prices will come back to normal in the coming years. 

Company’s Business Outlook

Religare Health Insurance works in the field of healthcare and insurance and both of those fields have expanded in recent years. The unfortunate events of the COVID-19 pandemic have opened even more possibilities for these sectors as during the pandemic, people realised the importance of good health insurance and a good healthcare program. The company is looking to capitalise on this opportunity. It is planning on expanding with the help of different agencies, banks, brokers and digital methods. Religare Health Insurance is ensuring to take advantage of this sudden awareness among people. 

Factors to Consider

There are many factors to consider before buying unlisted shares of Religare Health Insurance. 

1. Previous years’ Finances

As an investor, it is very important for you to dig deep into the previous years’ financials of Religare Health Insurance. Don’t take people at their word and do your own thorough research. If you find it difficult to gather data then you should visit trading platforms like Stockify which will help you to evaluate the share, based on different factors like share price, company finances and many more. 

2. Field of Work

While buying unlisted shares it is recommended to consider the field of work of the company. For instance, a technology company has a lot less chance of losses than let’s say, a bicycle company. Religare Health Insurance field of work is medical, corporate, and travel insurance. The insurance service sector has been growing in recent years showing that Religare Health Insurance is a good company to bet on. 

3. Trading Platform

When buying unlisted shares of surging companies like Religare Health Insurance, its extremely important to choose your trading platform wisely. A fraudulent or wrong trading platform will provide you with false information that can affect your ROI (Return on Investment). So we recommend you choose a trusted online trading platform like Stockify so that you get the most precise information for your evaluation. 

Prediction For Religare Health Insurance Shares

It is safe to say that Religare Health Insurance share prices are expected to increase. Religare Health Insurance is a reputed company that has been in the business for over a decade now. Again, you have to do your own thorough research before buying any unlisted shares from the grey market and only trust apps like Stockify. It provides you with accurate information about pre-IPO unlisted shares with an easy and safe trading platform. 

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