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Abortion Made Easy at Home With Natural Remedies

What Is Abortion?

Abortion is the early ending of a normal pregnancy in simple terms. Miscarriage or spontaneous abortion occurs when an abortion happens on its own. But the truth is women could also opt for ending their pregnancy by taking medicines or opting for surgery for this purpose.

If you are looking at aborting your baby for your own good reasons, then some home remedies for abortion work best provided they all are done before 9 weeks of pregnancy. You need to take time, as self-induced natural abortion takes an average of 20 days to take effect if you are using the remedies. Have a look:


You need to ingest their leaves in whole, but just a little at a time to make use of parsley leaves as one of the home remedies for abortion. This will lead to a contraction of uterus and dilatation of the cervix, which will ultimately result in an abortion. You can take the supplement made from parsley leaves with vitamin C for quicker results. You can also combine parsley water with lemon, followed by lemon juice, and drink the mixture. Actually, parsley is the major regulator of your menstrual cycles. Thus, if you have been missing your period, having the solution containing this ingredient can abort a baby in early pregnancy

Pineapple Juice

Many women try out pineapple juice as it is one of the most common home remedies for unwanted pregnancy. Pineapple contains vitamin C and protease enzyme named bromelain which induces miscarriage in early pregnancy. Resulting in a miscarriage, bromelain is able to soften the cervix. To get your desired results you could consider consuming a bowlful of this fruit.

Hot Shower

Another among home remedies for abortion is taking a hot shower regularly. This can also be combined with the intake of the natural products or herbs. You will get your desired result by this simple and safe method for abortion.

Sesame seeds

Categorized as one of the foods causing miscarriage sesame seeds are commonly used. Particularly, when these seeds are mixed with honey, it is dangerous. It causes spontaneous abortion to the pregnant women. Having one teaspoon of fried sesame seeds with organic honey is best here. You can also mix sesame seeds with water for this. Just simply mix a handful of sesame seeds in a bowl of water. Then, let them soak for overnight. Have this solution the next morning.

High Dose Of Vitamin C

Stimulating the progesterone and estrogen production is Vitamin C also known as Ascorbic acid. Taking a high dose of vitamin C could create the hormonal imbalance within your body, resulting in an early abortion as Estrogen is a hormone facilitating menstruation. You need to start consuming vitamin C if you suspect of pregnancy in order to get the best results. It is said that taking at least 10 to 12 gram of the vitamin C daily will trigger your period of bleeding.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea in low doses can help relieve the pain associated with pregnancy for pregnant women. It has a compound named Thujone that can cause uterine contractions and help to expel out the baby acting as one of the most common home remedies for unwanted pregnancy.  You need to elevate the levels of Thujone in your body to induce an abortion.


Prescribed to induce menstrual periods, the root of the plant is believed to have aphrodisiac properties. Safe and efficient, this natural diuretic is an effective abortive agent. It causes the uterus to contract and induces a miscarriage in pregnant women.

  • Mix 8 to 10 drops of Angelica root extract in a glass of warm water.
  • Add a teaspoon of pure honey. Drink this mixture on an empty stomach. Repeat the process once or twice for a couple of days.

Primrose Oil

To avoid high pressure, reduce labor, and cause on-time delivery for pregnant women, primrose oil is highly effective. But it can terminate if it has taken or applied topically. Preparing the uterus to expel out the baby during labor, its application relaxes the cervical muscles.

  • You can take pills or oil for the same. Take a tampon and squeeze the contents of the oil onto it. Wear it overnight.
  • Alternatively, you can even massage the oil on the cervix.


To maintain the regularity in the period cycle aspirin pills are taken regularly. For getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy this is one of the best home remedies for unwanted pregnancy. 5-6 pills taken at a time with water for a few rounds will do the trick. Eating other foods such as avocado, parsley, ginger, cloves, and figs will also help with this.

It is entirely your choice whether or not you should end a pregnancy. Counseling is needed to decide what works best for you. Study your choices carefully. It is important to learn about your choices and make your decision earlier in the pregnancy. Doctors are needed to carry out physical exams and study your medical history.

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